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303 Active Foam Cleaner


46303 front 1500x2500

Active Foam Cleaner - The powerful solution for cars, hobbies, households, offices, workshops and industry!

Our Active Foam Cleaner is the perfect choice if you want to remove stubborn dirt quickly and effectively. Whether it's oil, grease or stubborn dirt - with this cleaner you'll have the job done in no time at all. Thanks to its special formula, our active foam cleaner ensures intensive cleaning and removes even the most stubborn dirt. The foam adheres perfectly to the surfaces and can therefore optimally develop its effect. Its ease of use will save you time and effort, and you can look forward to clean, radiant results and a pleasantly fresh peach scent.

Car : window panes, mirrors, panels, screens, upholstery, carpet, paint, rims.

Hobbies : cameras, screens, computers, bikes, motorbikes, boats.

Household, office : desk, furniture, upholstery, carpet, tiles, lamps, kitchen, mirror, garden furniture, fireplace panes

Workshop, industry : work surfaces, devices, machines, tools, systems, glass and plastic panes.

With a fresh peach scent


Product details

Item.Nr. 46303

Content 500 ml



 Areas of application
Surfaces and areas of application in cars, hobbies, households, offices, workshops and industry
 Application notes

Shake can briefly. Spray evenly. Leave on for a short time and wipe off with a cloth

Can also be used overhead (360° spray head)

 Exposure time
about 30 seconds
 Consumption For multiple and large-area application

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