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Active Foam Cleaner 303

Aktiv Schaum Reiniger 300CleanTEC Active Foam Cleaner is a universally usable  cleaner for many surfaces and applications.

Cleans gently, leaves behind a clean surface and a pleasantly fresh peach scent.

Car : window panes, mirrors, paneling, screens, upholstery, carpet, car paint, wheel rims.

Hobby : cameras, screens, computers, bicycles, motorcycles, boats.

Household, office : desk, furniture, upholstery, carpet, tiles, lamps, kitchen, mirror, garden furniture, fireplace panes.

Workshop, industry : work surfaces, devices, machines, tools, systems, glass and plastic panes.

With a fresh peach scent






Technical Specifications

Shake the can briefly. Spray on evenly. Let it work for a moment and wipe it off with a cloth.

Can also be used overhead (360° spray head)

Exposure time ca. 30 Seconds
Consumption For multiple and large-area use
Content 500 ml Spray
Item Nr. 46303

46303 front 2500x46303 back 2500x

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