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AIR Intake System & EGR Cleaner Diesel 302

461XX CLEANTEC 302 DAPS 400ml PICIntake tract & EGR cleaner Diesel Spray cleans the entire intake system of diesel engines.
It removes dirt and resin from the entire intake tract, inlet and outlet valves, charge air cooler and exhaust gas recirculation system, as well as in the entire combustion chamber.

  • Service product for direct use in the intake tract of diesel engines.
  • Use in all diesel units.
  • Suitable for catalytic converters, soot particle filters and turbochargers.

Thereby :

  • improved engine performance
  • noticeable fuel savings
  • Reduction of harmful emissions
  • Avoidance of failure of the affected components





Technical Specifications
Instructions for use Spray into the intake system of the diesel engine when the engine is running and warm. If the engine is running smoothly, spray the product evenly into the air intake pipe; if the engine is running smoothly, spray it in short bursts.
Danger! The motor must be operated in the medium speed range (2000-2500 rpm) during use.
Exposure time ca. 20 Seconds
Consumption 400 ml sufficient for 1–2 vehicles
Content 400 ml Spray
Item No. 46302


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