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Injector Dismantling Aid 304

461XX CLEANTEC 302 DAPS 400ml PICCleanTEC injector solvent 304 was specially developed to loosen stuck, problematic connections in the engine and cylinder head area (e.g. injection injectors, spark and glow plugs, etc.).

Extreme material cooling (-40 °C) blasts dirt and residues on the surface.

The lubricious PTFE particles contained in the synthetic oil can thus penetrate quickly and effectively into the micro-cracks that have occurred and allow easy and material-friendly disassembly.










Technical Specifications
Application Shake vigorously before use. Roughly remove dirt. Then spray generously onto the parts to be loosened (injector/cylinder head) and leave to take effect for approx. 10-15 minutes.
Exposure time 10-15 Minutes
Consumption 400 ml sufficient for multiple use
Content 400 ml Spray
Item No. 46304

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