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Throttle Body, Air Intake System & Carburetor Cleaner 300

461XX CLEANTEC 300 TBC 500ml PIC OHVCleanTEC Throttle Body, Air Intake System & Carburetor Cleaner dissolves and removes oily and greasy residues, pollution, resinification, glue, oil and greasy deposits. It binds harmful soot particles and cleans contacts and electrical connections. The product causes an absolutely clean surface and a molecular dissolution of the operational contamination.

This results in reduced fuel consumption, more power and smoother engine running. Suitable for catalytic converters.


  • reduced fuel consumption
  • more power and a smoother engine run
  • Avoidance of failure of the affected components






Technical Specifications
Instructions for use Shake well before use. Spray the parts to be cleaned evenly. The product guarantees quick cleaning and dries in seconds.
Exposure time Works during application
Consumption Depending on the pollution
Content 500 ml Spray
Item No. 46300

46300 Vergaser 24bit

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