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Nano Engine Protect & Seal 107

46107 CLEANTEC 107 NEPS 300ml PICNano Engine Protect & Seal creates a highly active nano-barrier in the oil, which protects all internal surfaces in engines and assemblies, such as the oil circuit, gearboxes, differentials, differential gears. Seals, O-rings and Simmerrings are kept pliable.

Fastest oil penetration during cold starts, smoother and smoother engine running, improved engine performance, longer service life of the units and excellent emergency running properties are achieved by adding the nano engine interior sealing and protection.






Technical Specifications
Areas of application Service product for use in the oil circuit of 4-stroke and diesel engines, manual transmissions, differentials and differential gears. Can be used for both common rail and pump nozzle, recommended for engines with turbo, catalytic converter and soot particle filter.
Instructions for use Add to the new oil after every oil change. We recommend cleaning the oil circuit with CleanTEC Oil System Cleaner before use. The maximum amount of oil according to the manufacturer's specifications must be observed. When used in vehicles with wet clutches, the manufacturer's specifications must be observed. Use a 1:10 ratio for power steering, gearboxes and differentials.
Exposure time Works while driving.
Consumption 300ml sufficient for up to 5L of oil.
Mixing ratio: 1:15
Content 300 ml
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