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DPF Power Cleaner 105

46105 CLEANTEC 105 DPFSC 375ml PIC rgb 1 768x768The high-performance cleaner for diesel particulate filters is a special diesel additive that is used as a regeneration aid for diesel particulate filters. The most economical way of maintaining and cleaning particle filters! Our product can be used in all diesel engines and can be mixed with all diesel fuels.


  • permanent and complete filter cleaning while driving
  • no installation and removal, no downtime, no malfunctions
  • reduces the ignition temperature of the collected soot in the diesel particulate filter
  • no generation of secondary emissions





Technical specifications
Areas of application In all diesel engines with a particle filter. Can be mixed with all diesel fuels.
Instructions for use Add the diesel fuel regularly every 3-4 months before filling up, at the latest at the next customer service. Note the mixing ratio!
Exposure time Works while driving.
Consumption 375ml is sufficient for 40 - 80L diesel fuel. DO NOT overdose!
Mixing ratio: 1: 200
Content 375 ml
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