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DIESEL System Cleaner 102

46102 CLEANTEC 102 DSC 375ml PIC
CleanTEC High-performance cleaner for all diesel engines, which has been optimized for use in vehicles with soot particle filters and contains only ash-free ingredients.

It removes operational soiling, gumming and sticking in the entire diesel system from the tank, via injection nozzles and injection pumps to the combustion chambers.

This optimizes fuel atomization. Coking residues and soot deposits in the entire upper cylinder area are removed and at the same time protects it (optimal lubrication according to DIN 590 HFRR). This results in clean, powerful combustion (noticeable fuel savings and optimized engine performance), improves the exhaust gas values, and extends the service life of the injection units.



Advantages :

  • Strong and clean combustion (optimal engine performance and significantly reduced fuel consumption)
  • Significant reduction in smoke and soot
  • Improved lubrication on cold starts
  • Extended service life of the injection system and catalytic converters
  • Improvement of exhaust emissions


Technical Specifications
Areas of application In all diesel engines. Suitable for catalytic converters, soot particle filters and turbochargers
Instructions for use Add to the diesel fuel tank or every 3-4 months using a cleaning device,
use at the latest at the next customer service. Note the mixing ratio!
Exposure time Works while driving
Consumption 375 ml is sufficient for approx. 80 L diesel fuel
Mixing ratio 1: 200
Content 375 ml
Item Nr. 46102

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